Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The People's Cafe at World Trade Centre Jakarta

Before having a meeting, in World Trade Centre area, Central Jakarta, I really think that I need a cup of coffee or something that can cure my headache. I can't help myself to not having it. hhhe
I choose The People's Cafe because it serves many choices of menu, and good Coffee, of course!
The place makes me feel comfort to have seat for such a long time. with Chocolate color combination, big window to see what's the view and what's goin on outside.

Inside Cafe Ambiance

Afternoon View of WTC
 And here is the menu:
Breakfast Menu

Easy Bites

Pizzaa and Heavy Bites




When I was looking at the menum, I got caught by one rare menu in a cafe, Bean Porridge, yeay!! Bubur Kacang!!!! 😍
I ordered it right away, it costs me 25K, I know I can have it for 6K in abang2, however I do love to have it that time 😃

Bean Porridge

The Porridge was really hot and tasted so good, I ate it slowly, until it ran out, hehehehhe
After that, I felt thirsty and what I really need is a combination of  bitter and sweet taste of Coffee!! I ordered Machiatto

I forget to ask the servant to not putting foam on my coffee, however, nothing can be done. I drank it up while killing the time checking on my mobile phone, answering the chat, checking my job progress and what crossed my mind was "It's always okay to sometimes enjoying your time alone with a coffee" 💟

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