Monday, September 25, 2017

Olivier Grand Indonesia

Olivier Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

The name of Olivier Cafe became really famous after becoming a place of a phenomenal crime happened in Jakarta. However, mostly bad news ends becoming a good news. Olivier is getting more and more famous after that case. Haha
This is my second time having this cafe to be my along day hang out place. And this cafe is still always full of people.
And now, I'll share it to you how the place is, the menu looks like and what I did there..
Let's firstly meet the convinience of this place

The view around me (1)

The view around me (2)

And here's the menu:

Menu (1)

Menu (2)
After having the menu, I directly ordered the most popular drink here, it's "Vietnamese Coffee" as always. 
How it looks while the waiters pour the black coffee to the glass
The taste always makes me want more and more. 
Another thing I ordered at the day is a sweet menu"Flitter Banana", and have it with Chocolate butter. It's so delicious btw, I successfully eat it up. hhihii

Flitter Banana
Oya.. the price for the menu I ordered are around 45K for the coffee and 70K for the banana. I do enjoy my day there because the place is really cozy, it was not really crowded even the seats were full. I was with my Toefl book while having rehearsal for my speech at Toastmaster.

To enjoy your day talking with friends or even having your me time, I think it's is good idea to choose this place. Awhile skip the traffic of Jakarta and enjoying the good time.
Me and The Coziness at Olivier
Anyone wanna invite me to have a coffee or a new place? do not hesitate to contact me soon yaaa! hhha as long as I have time, I'll be available for a good conversation, place and food :*

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