Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Myths of Independent Woman and What are Actually The Facts About Her

I heard people said that "Men is afraid of an independent women".
OMG!! Seriously? 
Come on dude.. are you kidding me with that words?

Here are some Myths about independent woman and I'll tell you guys why you should be very happy to have one kind of independent woman in your life.

1.  An Independent Woman Only Love Herself and Doesn't Care about Other

Hmmm.. the facts are:
  • An independent woman is the one that can successfully creates happiness within herself first and then awesomely spread the happiness to all around her. Being with her is a good choice to make your life even happier. Trust me!
  • An independent woman is the one that can control herself. She will understand how to treat you well, she is the one that is good to talk with, she always listen to you, because what I know  is that an independent woman does not want to hurt anybody.
You still do not believe in my words? just prove it then.
Find someone that in your perception is an independent woman. There must be someone near by you.  Be around her, I am sure that you'll only find positivity, optimistic, happiness, and love.

2. An Independent Woman does not Need Anybody

Godness!!! It just sounds so rude.

An independent woman is actually the one who understand that her happiness does not depend on the others. It of course does not mean that she does not need anyone. She just do not want to make other people worry, busy, think a lot, more over sad because of her problem. She only wants happiness of everyone. 

An independent woman loves to be around people. She loves to spread love and happiness. She loves to see smile of everyone. Then actually you guys needs her.

3. An Independent Woman Wants always be A Leader and Never Wants to Lose

It's a big wrong perception about an independent woman. 

I know that an independent woman always deserve to be a leader because an independent woman is smart, awesome, and can perfectly make people around her listen to her.

However, as what I have told you that she can also listen, she can always appreciate a good thing offered, she  can always be lead as long as she is lead to an optimist bright goals/ future.
Because the things that I know will hurt her as an independent woman are negativity, pessimistic, and hatred. Just do not ever bring those to her, because if you do, she'll just let you go.

You are lucky if you have already find and be with an independent woman. Because from her, you will only get positivity, optimistic, happiness, and love. She will bring you to the higher life perspective to be always be thankful and be happy with your life.

Once again, Trust Me! :D

Jakarta, 17 August 2017


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