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Jumat, Maret 31, 2017

It's my first speech in Jakarta Toast Master at Menara Imperium Jakarta, 27th March 2017

Good Morning Fellow Member & Honorable Guest. How’s your life? Hopefully everything is great.

" Life is 10% what happens to us, 90% how we react to it"

I am Nida and I'm a newbie here and it only took 3 weeks for me to fall  in love with toastmaster. Toastmasters is the perfect place for me because in here i can share my life journey without feeling embarrassed therefore tonight I am willing to share the story of my life.

Are you curious about my story?
Well, I’ll tell you

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Does anyone of you have ever be in Job seeking period? 

You might know or have ever heard about how hard this period is. Yes!! Job seeking Period is Stressful, Depressing. For months having some recruitment long process, in the end, rejected! Failed! Again again and again. And yes!! I was so stress and I was so depressed. The people around me keep asking, how could, and my mind keep question Why? , Tired of thinking. Stress!

Until finally I met my teacher that advised me to stop thinking about something that actually God must give us the best of it. Why should so hard to yourself for something that actually has been written for you. Don’t you believe that God will always give you the best thing? He asked me, and I said YES. God will always give the best thing.

By then, I started to change my perception, I try to see this job seeking period as actually a big chance for me. I have a lot of free time. I can develop myself and enjoy my life. 

I started a new life. I moved to Jakarta. I am sure that new place will bring new great insights and experiences. And with my lot of free time, here, I can have a lot to do. I can join training, seminar, internship experience, and also study club. Such as I join INDEF School of Political Economy in my first week and I join this great Jakarta Toast Master club, I really feel so blessed having it. 

And also, with my lot of free time, I can have a lot of time to have a coffee with friends, reading books, having me time, travelling, and also having movie on the weekdays, so then I don’t meet the crowd and get a cheaper ticket price. Happiness!!, isn’t it? 😎

I realize that actually God gives me chance to enjoy my life while everything will find the way. Yes! Just like may be, while I am enjoying standing here and speaking, one of you or someone in somewhere wants to offer some kind of opportunity for me. Who knows…😎

From my story, I hope that I could remind myself and you to always be optimist. When we think God put us in a difficult position, let’s try to see it from another perception. I am sure, we will find the good side of that.
Let’s create the happiness in our life, because we are actually the creator of our happiness. When it’s needed, Change the perception. Find the happiness, and Let's enjoy every moment in our life!

Thank you 

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