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Selasa, Januari 03, 2017


Dear you there...
I've just been thinking about it.. all day..
I just suddenly remember a question that was asked to me when I was in my white-grey uniform (Senior high school)...

Guru : "What is Nida?"
Me   : "My Name"
Guru: "Well, I ask you, where is "Nida"?
Me: "This" *pointing my face*
Guru: "No, that's a face, that's not Nida"
Me: *thinking* 
Guru: "So, where is Nida?"
Me: *pointing my chest*
Guru: "That's not Nida, that's a chest"
Me: *Confused*
Guru: *Smiling then leaving me*

I still remember that day I was so confused and had no idea with the question and also I had no idea about what Nida is...

Nothing I could choose from parts of the body to be called Nida, I couldn't find that Nida. I found a  head with all the complete composition; hair, ears, skin, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. I found a chest, stomach, hand, foot, etc. I was looking at the body and still couldn't even point Nida.

Then I assumed, that Nida is a name.. but then I realized, Nida is just a name that also actually a given. The complete body with the feeling, thought, and everything with and within it, all is given.

I couldn't even find something that I used to call "myself",,

Today, I remember that day, and I learn something, what I learn is.. Nida is nothing and has nothing, this "myself", all the things around, people, places, all the good, happy, even sad feeling are given.

There is nothing to be proud of...

"Nida" is just here (on earth) for something, something that is and must be Great to be grateful. 😊😊😊

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