Teaching Preparing Time..

Minggu, Maret 24, 2013

thethyeaah,, it's time to prepare to teach for tomorrow, meet again my wonderful high school students, yupz... for a secod grade, as always.. I just always got a bad feeling, -__- ,, actually they are cute, sweet, and funny children, but the time of teaching I get is not really good.
Every Monday, to teach the second grade in this high school, I got an afternoon time before class finished , it's just hot weather usually, and such a lazy time, can you guys imagine this??...
Being a teacher, for me is just like being an actress, why I said that? because in front of the students we have to always keep in elegant, happy, and nice, doesn't it?
I'm actually a bad girl, who loved to free in talking, love to laugh a lot, has a strong voice and talk like screaming, and not really good in act as a good girl.but to look elegant, happy and nice it's just a real me hhhhii :)
I'm just myself who love to make a friends, love to make joke, love to travel, and always cool in facing everything, take everything easy as it's should be an easy things God gives.

In front of the students, I just act like myself, I'm sure that I never be anyone else, so that, unfortunately the students just treat me like their friends... yaaa... it's okay, because Now I'm still a practical teacher, I just let myself being their good friend. :)

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