Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Life Learning from Hiking Adventure

Do you see that picture guyz? ,,, Is it beautiful? ,,, 
I say YES, what about you? do you know how we got there? ... :) 
That was at Surya Kencana Edelweis Garden on Gede Mountain,, as what on the tittle of this note, I'll just tell you what I thought while I was hiking to the top of the mountain...

We are just human being who love to have a dream, who love to get everything we want, who always want get everything easily,,, that was me too
While I was hiking, I just have a little thought , hiking is just like dreaming.  
if we really want to have my self be on the top of the mountain, I have to pass all the obstacles that was ready waiting for me, root, rock, etc .  when we really want to get our dreams.. that's also we have to pass the obstacles....

Getting on the top of the mountain is just as what we call live the life up and up,, and as a way to reach the dream.. 
hard to start and to continue, but when u see the ending, it's just beautiful in everything u'll find... No turning Back.. just go forward.. face everything and focus to what u really want to see.... :)     

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