My Lovely Job Nowaday

Jumat, Oktober 19, 2012

It's just a wonderful thing that I could be a part of a National Bank in Indonesia, yupz, BTPN. another way God gives to me, that I contribute in Micro Economics finance,  I could help people in doing their business , in improve their business performance and finance management.
hmmm, it's a  little confusing when I have to choose between doing my lots of study assignment or finding the new businessman then help them :D

For about two weeks on duty, I realize that I'm still learning about all stuff things on Banking Management, but with pleasure I did my job till I could apply for two business , hopefully approved, amiin :)

I meet nice people on my office, have a great big boss, so kind and humble, he teaches me and friend how to recognize the market of our product, and also I meet another office mate that  mostly very kind to us.

I learn many thing from my job right now, you know guyz? being a banking marketing like me now gives me a lot of advantages, I get a lot of new friends who are smart in social networking, I make a friend with businessman and know more about them and mostly I thank to God, I could learn practically all the lesson about Bank in my major ;D it's nice and it's just amazing ;)  

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Hi.. Thanks udah baca dan silahkan tinggalkan jejak di komen ;)

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