Negeri 5 Menara, Never Ending Inspiring

Kamis, Maret 08, 2012

"Manjadda Wajada".. it means that who are really hard working must be succeed.. yeah, this word change many thought of doubt feelin' in people, how inspiring it is!!! 
Do you know guys where it comes from??  words from Islamic prophet Muhammad SAW, and now it's reintroduced by a movie that the story is taken from a novel "Negeri 5 Menara" ...
Every little thing in this movie, the step, the story, the words, the experience, all in it are amazing, it's very good movie I ever watched, more over before watching I met the actors just by chance.. what a wonderful day I had :)
the story is tell about how people get what they want by really hard working, it's not ur ability but is't about ur seriousness, u could change everything u thought u can't do to be something u can do best. 
I hope by watching this movie, I could also change my mind to be always positive in feelin' and thingking and to always hard work in everything I have to strive to reach.

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