Kisah Anak Pengidap Progeria "PAA" Film

Minggu, Mei 29, 2011

Terus update cerita film-film yang baru selesai ane tamatin.,hhe..masii seputar bolliwood film yang ane suka,,,
English time...^^

Now it's time to share 'bout "PAA" story.. it's very nice film, a lots of funny & great scenario bout the pity child named AURO (Amitha Bachan),, he is different, but he's special...
fortunately he has kind people around, even one question he'd never get the answer,"who is his father?",,,

This story also told the effect of too much of expressing love before marriage, AURO'd been a victim,, but he is the gift from God, even he ails "Progeria" (getting very old in his child age), he is strong, he is smart, he could make people around him always smile.

In other side this film shares the politician story, how politic could be something helpful for people or something injuring. 

Different sides story but connected, AURO at last find his father and know all the previous story as the answer of his question by meeting the most influential politician in his country.

Who is that politician??
why could he answer all the question??
How AURO fight his illness??

Get it here "PAA Film"  Please watch, smile, laugh, and cry...<(^-^)>

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Hi.. Thanks udah baca dan silahkan tinggalkan jejak di komen ;)

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