The way of Love

Minggu, Maret 20, 2011

just found my note in my document,,: )

Many people ask what love is..

Every time, there are some body fallin’ in love and hurt because of love.
When we’re in love, nothin’ makes ourselves happy but someone who we love will always becomes a medicine and cure our disease.
When we’re getting’ a little hurt, and feel so difficult to make it okay, 
what can we do?

To forgive someone sometimes feels so hard, but forgiving is better than keepin’ our bad thinkin’.

With love we can life, not only with somebody, cuz there are many friends among us, don’t you remember that?
They can cheer u up, accompany u in everything u do, get free ur self with them.
That’s what I got of thinkin' that to never give 100% ur love to someone before u find who ur destiny is.*people said* (^_^)

 On 26 September 2010

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Hi.. Thanks udah baca dan silahkan tinggalkan jejak di komen ;)

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