Senin, Maret 28, 2011

Still confused with that word,, when think about what I should choose a thing in this life . people said it's should be a passion of mine, but I'm still confused about which one in so many things I do.
passion, is the passion what I've been passing up to now?
or may be passion is the thing I thought that I shouldn't be there, because the passion like a thing we used to love like something we used to wish, but something that's not always a thing that we wanna be.
Talking about what we wanna be, what we hope we will be, doesn't it need a struggle to get? how could it just go with the passion we have, and it's different between the "wish" and "hobby", eaa, I'm not mastering about the psychological science which always talk about mind, spirit, suggestion,passion, and else.

I need to be something I wish, but when I think more bout it, my passion is not be there I need to get, and because of that, I try to love what I'm being now, where I belong right now, and the  question of mine is could we make something we are passing to be our passion even it was not what we love before ??.
so' now what do you think guys???

  • Here I'm with my confusion...

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Hi.. Thanks udah baca dan silahkan tinggalkan jejak di komen ;)

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