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Senin, Maret 14, 2011

♩♪♫♬ Aku hanya manusia biasa yang tak sempurna dan kadang salah...♩♪♫♬

Always be a nice melody for me..a song lyric by YOVIE and Nuno... \(^_^)/ for me; eaaa,,, nobody's perfect... 
know ourselves well is better than we always look for a fault each other.

Be yourself,, and always make increased for good things in your life... I'm trying it too... My teacher said "if you want people know you, try to be a special person"   hmmm, the question is,  how to be a special person?

in my opinion, when I see the special people around me, I see that they have something that other people don't have, of course. the main is every people has something special... now is how they show it, how they use it, how they make it useful, how they always keep it and let it to get better in their life.

So now, what should we do?
1. See yourself in the mirror, look that how Great you are, look what a great creation you are... now, 
  • see, what is the best thing in you?, keep it make it better,
  • see, what is thing that you don't want to own it?, hide it, or you could think that this is your special thing that others don't have...
2. Thank it to God
3. Keep Smile
4. Be confidence to be a new you....
Just you know well who you are, you know how great you are, and you must know how you make yourself bette

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