Studying in Abroad is My Target

Jumat, Januari 07, 2011

This is a reason for everything I did and I'm doing, Last time when I left my study in University for a while, took a course and got many experiences in Pare. 

And also now Why do I join Kabumi?? beside I want to have skill in the traditional arts, have many friends there, get experiences, This also the reason, I thought that I gotta have my country traditional of arts to go to abroad, Is that right?? ^_^

This is the answer,,,:D actually I'm not really serious, but I just do the things that probably let me be there, next when I'm gonna have my master of economics, I do hope I got it in abroad, exactly in Australia.
I have no money to go there but I'm sure what people say " There is will there is a way" Insyaallah,, Of course never think it I'm gonna get without praying, I always wish it, why?
I wanna make people around me get proud of me, I wanna have people happy to know me, to recognize person like me who has nothing else to give but an happiness for everybody...:)

For every body who read it, please wish me luck !!! after having master there I will come back to Indonesia and become a lecture while having bussiness,, amiin :)

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Hi.. Thanks udah baca dan silahkan tinggalkan jejak di komen ;)

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