Have No Idea To Write a Paper

Rabu, Januari 19, 2011

Arrgghhh,,,,, If people say: the expensive thing is an idea,, I wanna ask how much it is,,,,, hhooo..., I need it to finish my paper as soon as possible.
finished reading doesn't let me get something, I just hope I just wish I would find it, cuz I know I gotta find it..... and may I gonna..... Ya Allah help me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,T_T

come to me.. Come to me.. oh an idea......:DD being crazy cuz of it....
but I don't wanna give up,, let it keep up... smangaattttt!!!! Kamu pasti bisa!!!

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2 komentar

  1. i do agree with you. idea is non-money asset but it makes a writer's life more colorful. keep work up!

  2. ahhaa... thanks so much for many words you gave,,,:) it makes me more spirit..:)


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