Confused of wearing clothes for tomorrow

Kamis, Januari 06, 2011

Syelaaaluuu begitchuuu,,,,:)) eaaa.. always doing that!!!

whatever would be happen tomorrow, it always made confused before about what clothes should be wore.
this's usually felt by girls, but something we have to know that whatever we wear as long as it's match, it'll look nice... 
I used to look one's style of clothing, if what she wear is matching , she would look beautiful. 
^_^ actually, he have not to always buy a new clothes to get a pretty style,, just do this!!!
1.  See one by one every single clothes you have,
2. See also your skirt/pants/etc
3. Leave your will to wear the pair of clothing u used to wear,, make something new..:)
4. Collaborate the color, and the style..
*if you are thin, don;t wear the strict clothes, cuz it would be make u looks more thin..
*that's also for you who has a big body, don't wear the bigger clothes...
5. You know well how beautiful you are.... you know well how to make it better
6. The last.. Keep clean...:)

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