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Jumat, November 19, 2010

It’s a song that I like much since that time, when I was in a great place, met the great people, got everything of mine was always useful. Thank you for people who were, I love you, Wish me got another chance to get amazing thing again.
This song’s translated from one of PETERPAN’S song. This song tell me that sometimes we’d just really- really realized how important someone for ourselves when he’s gone. No more meeting and no more feeling like what it was, just could wish, May God’s always on our side to get everything and everybody around us were all right. Amen

All about us

Times feel gone away
From me and u so far
And tell me the story all about u and me
There will be no more your smile here I will see
That can wipe all my pains
Deep in my heart
There were many stories about u and me
That we were glad together some years ago
There was a nice moment about u and me
When we were sad together even when we were happy

I thank u everything
Which we passed together
And u told me all about your feeling

Proudly present by FEE CENTER, Ms needha (2009-2010),,,

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3 komentar

  1. that was a real song of our live or that is a real???
    that is a very song for me ........

    Re... D'soulmEight

  2. huum,, So am I,, It couldn't be lost... always stuck on my mind.. :)

  3. ah ternyata kmu thu yg qw butuhkan skg ,,
    thanks ye cin.,,


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